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random records of scattered thoughts

1 October
Hi and Welcome!

I'm Sherry Thompson aka tree_lady. My writing friends and many SF/Fantasy fen know me as SherryT. I worked at a university library for 35 years. Now that I'm retired, I spend most of my time writing fantasy and helping others with their writing. I belong to 3 writing groups: Critters, OWW, and Written Remains in DE.

SEABIRD is my first fantasy novel. A young adult, epic fantasy, it was published this year by Gryphonwood Press. GP is a new, small press. Seabird, Earthbow, Marooned, and The Gryphon & the Basilisk are the planned books in my Narentan Tumults series. I'm currently revising Earthbow, which will be closer to sword & sorcery than Seabird was. (Added April 24: Amazon has created marketing difficulties for Gryphonwood Press & myself. Many bits of information on the Seabird page at Amazon are still incorrect in spite of our repeated pleas for corrections. Hazards of be associated with a small press probably. ;-) )

Some of my entries will be about fantasy or other speculative fiction, writing, and SF conventions. Some will be about friends, events, and cats in my life. I digress a lot into public transit problems, labyrinths & meditation, the Inklings (C S Lewis, JRR Tolkien & Charles Williams), music (filk/folk/world), my dreams and a variety of oddments.

I'll try to write frequently, and I hope you come visit often.

SherryT aka tree_lady