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Earthbow Volume 1 is out!
Dave just emailed me that Earthbow Volume 1 is now available on Amazon. Earthbow is the sequel to Seabird but you don't have to read Seabird first to enjoy it. It is being published in two volumes because it is so long. I'm currently doing final revisions on Earthbow Volume 2 so hopefully there won't be too much of a wait before it's on Amazon as well. Seabird & Earthbow are both from Gryphonwood Press.

Seabird is high fantasy. Earthbow is more sword and sorcery, which is what happens when two of the principle protagonists are respectively a fighter and a wizard, and the third protagonist has a magic bow.

The summary on the back cover reads:

Cenoc, the self-styled Lord of Latimus, is on an inspection tour of his country's military keeps when he is told about hidden treasures that could make him even more powerful. So begins the warleader's descent into darkness.

Few dare oppose Cenoc's will, even as they witness his growing madness. However, a remnant stand in his way:

a newly knighted young man who is soon torn between his mission and an overwhelming desire for revenge;

an enchanter-initiate who finds himself facing terrors even greater than the danger of opposing Cenoc;

a teen Outworlder from Earth who has been gifted with the Earthbow and told he will learn its purpose--just before his mentor abandons him.

I'll add more shortly. Right now, I need to praise God and go do the happy dance.

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Hey - I'm still on LJ....sort of

Sherry - I couldn't be happier for you! I know only a little of the struggle it has been to get Earthbow published. I am sitting here giving you a quiet round of heartfelt applause. You deserve it!

I can't wait to read the finished product :-)

God bless you,


Re: Hey - I'm still on LJ....sort of

Thanks, X! It was a struggle for a while there when I simply wasn't up to getting anything done, re the book or much of anything else. God came through for me, breaking the deadlock by showing me that the new medication had a lot to do with my inability to work.

In a different sense, I couldn't have done this without your support, the input of Written Remains members, and the constant interaction, support and advice of all the Lost Genre Guild members--but especially Frank & Cathi.

I really like this book and pray that others will too. I hope that no one will be disappointed to find that Earthbow is sword & sorcery whereas Seabird was high fantasy. Also, that readers won't get too frustrated while waiting for the other volume. (The vol.2 manuscript is really close to being revised. I just have some adjustments to make in some scenes.)

God bless you too, Xanthorpe! May your work someday be gracing the screens of!


Thanks, hummingwolf! And a Woot! right back at you!

Congratulations, you! That is great news!

Thanks, Jillian!
Now I just need to work out some PR, including a few emailed notices to friends & acquaintances.
I'm thinking about posting extracts of the first couple of chapters here but I haven't decided yet if I really want to. Frankly, the thought makes me feel self-conscious.

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