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Church X Dart Buses X 2
G Angel, Charge Over Thee
Church X Dart Buses X 2

Some of you may rememvber that I stopped attending church this past spring. I had been going to ther same place for 9 years, even though it was never a very good fit and I kept going until I reached the point of "irreconcilable differences"
The chief reason I kept attending involved the usual transportation complications, thanks to Dart.

Last spring I began looking for a new church almost immediately. Just I had expected, nothing suitable was in walking distance. The closest possible church is down Kirkwood Highway a couple or three miles. Out of my range walking and I got no response when I inquired about transportation to and from the church.

At the time, Dart didn't have Sunday bus service. Well, a couple of months ago, Dart added a very short and skeletal bus schedule for Sundays. Essentially it starts in Wilmington at Rodney Square at 9 a.m., and an additional bus goes out from there an hour later. The schedule stops in late afternoon. I immediately looked at the schedule when it came out and compared it to church service schedules in the area. The two did not dovetail very well.

Just over two weeks ago, two people who do not know each other each asked me what I was doing about church, i.e. had I found some place to attend with the help of Dart?

The paired questions were the pushes I needed to give the Dart schedule and local church scedules another comparison. It didn't look any better; however, I felt like God was behind the paired shoves in the same direction and that I had better do something about it.  ;-)

Here's how things went the Sunday before this:
The bus was due to stop at my stop across the highway at 9:31 after leaving Price's Corner at 9:26. If it arrived precisely on time (ha! ha!), then I would arrive at St Philips' Lutheran Church about 15 minutes late for the beginning of the Bible Class or about 45 minutes early for the second church service.
That Sunday, I waited for the bus for a total of 45 minutes (beginning at 9:20), and arrived at the church early for the church service. Also very tired from standing for so long. B, who I met at the service for the first time, gave me a ride home.

This Sunday, i.e. Aug 30th, went like this:
I got to the bus stop at 9:25. I waited one hour and 20 minutes. (The first bus obviously never came). One or two people hung aroud the bus stop briefly and then strolled off. I assume their destination was within a distance they could reach by walking.
The second bus came at about quarter of 11, which was already 15 minutes into the church service. I got on anyway, determinu=ed to attend whatever part of the service that I could. I got to the church at about 10 of the hour, just as the minister was about to start his sermon, and sat with an overflow group in the narthex. (The church was crowded thanks to a baptism and a special blessing ceremony for children returning to school.) I was so sore that I had trouble getting up for the hymns, etc.
Again, B drove me home. Thank God for B!

Rev. Downes is looking into finding me a ride to church. In the meantime, I'm curious to see what time I arrive there next Sunday.

I'll write more about the church and all when I feel like I've got more of a handle on it. For now, the liturgy is far more similar to my old church than I had expected. The songs have overlaps but some of them are not quite as good. Rev. Downes gives a good sermon.

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If that were a Baptist church the good Reverend would have already handed you over to a small group and you'd have folks driving you every dang where - but then you'd probably scream, "Invasion of Privacy!"

or not.

I'm glad to hear you have made it - in some way, shape or form - to God's house. And seriously, I'm REALLY glad to hear that someone has stepped up to give you rides home - that's a good thing.

No relation to anything but we've an elderly lady who attends our church. She sits in a hard chair in the back of the worship center because she is so allergic to dander or whatever inhabits the fabric in the pews and other chairs.

Now THAT'S being faithful - as is your trek to worship God.


Hmmmm... based on X's comment, maybe you should give the Baptist's a try.

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