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random records of scattered thoughts

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Dream and meme
rat, bedtime story
Dream and meme

I had one of those weird dreams last night. Warning: This begins pretty light and silly but it gets grim later.

In this one I was part of a large group that consisted partially of family and partially of very close-knit friends. I'm not sure which were which. We all began as a cheerful -- and maybe shallow -- bunch.  We were in a city, when one of us found a claim ticket from a shipping company. He decided to go to the place and claim whatever it was, and we all decided to go with him. We must have filled the space between the front door and the counter!

As it turned out the ticket was for a large number of items which might explain why the clerk at the counter wasn't surprised by so many of us showing up. One person could not have begun to deal with all of it. The guy brought out parcel after parcel and when we all realized that this was going to go on for a while, we began taking items of of the counter top to carry for our friend/relative. Mine was camping stuff. I don't remember exactly what it was right now but maybe something like an old army type cot, folded up tightly and strapped together or in a rucksack or something. Most of the stuff tended in that direction but every once in a while something valuable crossed the counter top. I don't remember what anyone else's reactions were. I do know that I lost interest briefly when something tended toward the practical and perked up when it tended toward the elegant. There was jewelry but I didn't get that.

On the other hand, I don't remember the impression that each person would be stuck with whatever they were carrying. Even though our friend/relative had just found the ticket, I know I was thinking that all of it belonged to him. I think we were all vaguely glad for him and seemed to be treating it as if he had been on a TV quiz show and had won the arbitrary collection of prizes that are offered on them.

The next to the last item was a substantial chunk of money, packed carefully in a sturdy box. For some reason a quarter of a million dollars comes to mind. Maybe not. But it was a serious chunk of change. We were still congratulating our relative/friend on his good fortune, when the clerk wheeled out the last item. It was a huge box sitting on a handcart. Just like in a Warner Bros cartoon, the door came open and out hopped a joey or baby kangaroo. (X, this is your fault!).

Our mood just deflated. What were we going to do with a joey? We lived in the middle of a city. Suddenly, I think everyone realized that we were in serious trouble. Our friend/relative had just had to sign for all of that money. He couldn't refuse to take delivery on the kangaroo without explaining that none of this stuff was his.

Scared and wondering what to do next, we trooped out of the shipping office, our relative/friend leading the joey by a rope around it's neck. It remained docile the whole time -- or as docile as a wild animal is likely to be in the midst of city traffic etc. Evidently we had walked to the shipping company. In any case, we had to walk home because we couldn't take the joey on the subway or in a cab. Everywhere we went people naturally stared at us all trooping down the streets, each with their own burden and the one guy trying to hide in the midst of us all with his new pet. We might as well have been blowing horns and dressed for Mardi Gras.

We eventually reached our home. (I guess we all lived together.) I don't remember the house. We stowed everything in the yard or in the garage. The place was awfully suburban-looking for the middle of a city. We were still hanging out in the yard -- eating a picnic maybe -- when the joey started growing. And growing. That was it, of course. You can't keep a low profile about stolen property when one part of it is pushing 10 feet tall.

The real owner arrived and wanted his property back. He said something to the effect that he would return with a dump truck or something like that to collect it all.

Instead of being: embarrassed, glad he didn't seem likely to prosecute, relieved we were getting rid of the giant kangaroo, disappointed that the cash and gems had to go too, etc., we were alarmed because the "other side" aka our enemies had found us. He was "one of them".

And the dream grew lots darker really fast! We rummaged through all of the stuff we had collected and found guns and ammo. We locked and loaded, as they say. We were ready for an all-out war. As it turned out, we were presumably already partisans in some long-standing conflict.

We became the grimmest lot you've ever seen, convinced that the jig was up for us. The kangaroo-owner would return with his people and slaughter us. It was a foregone conclusion. All we could do was to take as many of them with us as we could when we went down. About then the man and his buddies returned, and we opened fire on them. They were yelling stuff at us, and then returning fire, and it was chaos and ghastly.

And I woke up. Still half-asleep, I realized that they had been yelling "Parastroika!" (sp?) and "Mir!". So, they were Russian. Hmm. I guessed that in my dream my group thought the Cold War was still going on -- rather like the occasional Japanese soldier on a South Pacific island who didn't know WW2 had ended. It all felt very tragic, and I was very sorry that we hadn't listened to what they were saying.


And now for something lighter. Hint: None of this matters as much as they make it sound like it does, especially the fourth question.

The Meme
There are only 4 questions but the results are very interesting.  You maybe shocked by what some of your answers meant.  Be honest and honor what pops into your mind when the questions present themselves. 

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I am glad that for even sending it to 0
my 'life will improve slightly'... :)

Yes, this one obviously let you off lightly. Many of these imply terrible things happening if you break the chain.

I wonder how "my life will improve" given that I posted this here rather than emailing the URl to such-n-such number of people? The meme genies must be terribly confused.

Nice hearing from you!

I hope your life will improve
and for that matter I hope my life
will improve but this stuff is not
helpful. kinda fun, the first time...
I had taken those questions before
somewhere with the tiger and the
pig and the colors etc and it came
back to me as I did it.

well that is quite the dream. Odd that they were shouting 'peacful' words.

Not so odd. That's what was so sad. When I woke up I realized that my "happy little crew" was still stuck back in a Cold War mentality. We were killing these Russian dudes who just came to help a buddy pick up his stolen stuff -- stuff one of our guys stole. They were trying to get us to stop shooting at them and, when we wouldn't, they shot back.

Well, the beginning was nice. (sigh)

I like the idea of a giant baby kangaroo. It would make a nice story - good little twist at the end. These people that are so happy and positive are in the wrong.

The giant kangaroo was surreal even in the dream where, like most dreams, everything tends to make sense until you wake up.

I suppose it could be turned into a story. Magic realism, if keeping the kangaroo as is. However, I don't think even magic realism stories would permit a small group of people living in the middle of a 21st century city feeling like it was still the Cold War. I have no idea what could be used instead of that to trigger their reaction.

It could be like a sci-fi thing - use some sort of nationalism from that world?

I used to dream like that -- often recurrung dremas -- and remembered them when I woke up. Not so much anymore.

Hmm. I wonder why it stopped for you. Do you still remember the core of any of them?
As weird as it is, I hope it never stops for me. I find most of them entertaining.

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