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tree, halfmoon, branches



random records of scattered thoughts

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Tree House Tales due out before Christmas!
tree, halfmoon, branches
Tree House Tales

THT is a collection of my short stories, anecdotes, original art and short extracts from four of my Narenta fantasy novels.

Most of the stories are fantasy. Most of the anecdotes are humorous.

One short story, "Shadow Harper" was previously published in Spencer Hill's "UnConventional, Twenty-Two Tales..."
One anecdote, "Baffled By the Green Door" was previously published in "Stories from the Inkslingers".
Everything else is untouched by human eyes--except the author's eyes, the beta reader's eyes, the editor's eyes...

Here is THT's table of contents -- subject to change.

FANTASY, MOSTLY                                                                                9
“Imagination is the one weapon in the war against reality.” -- Jules de Gaultier
I Need A Horse                                                                                             10
A Sailor’s Tale                                                                                                 12                 
Sisyphus                                                                                                         15     
Circles                                                                                                             19     
A Garden Mosaic                                                                                             22     
Daisy & the Paper-Mice                                                                                   23
The Windowed Door                                                                                        27
Luckiest Hunter Ever                                                                                       29     
  Story Outline. Story-Telling Suggestions.
The Dragon’s Tail Tale                                                                                    32
No Substitutions                                                                                             38     
Winter’s Season                                                                                              41
The Smashed Fairy Song Cycle                                                                      56
Dream, With Joey                                                                                            59
A Dream With Bowling                                                                                     63
The Queen of the Tor Shee                                                                             65
Shadow Harper                                                                                                67
The Pumpkin Smasher                                                                                  71     
Gajit’s Research Expedition                                                                             80
Dingle    Finish the story challenge.                                                                 87     
The Last Battle (novelette)                                                                              89-114

“This Marks the End of Fantasy Mostly”                                                        115
The Witch’s ORIGINAL Gingerbread House (art)                                           116-117
NOTE: 12-15 thumbnails of my artwork will be scattered randomly throughout.

REALITY, WHATEVER  THAT IS                                          118
"Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away." --Philip K Dick
Preteens, Horses, and Aliens                                                                        119
Baffled By The Green Door                                                                           123
Fandom 101                                                                                                  128                                                     
A Fannish Internet Sub-Creation of a                                                           136
Hyperdimensional Pocket  Universe    
Sherry’s Cake is Major Hit at Coffee Hour! Film at 11!                                  140
EgoBoogling                                                                                                  142  
Catzis #1   (with cat illos)                                                                               145
Catzis #2   (with cat illos)                                                                               147
Rainstorm Coming                                                                                         150   
Hurricane Hazel                                                                                             152   
Between Worlds (Interwoven Memories of Ocean City New Jersey)            155

END  OF  REALITY…                                                                                       157

Extracts from Four Narenta novels:                                                              158

Narenta # 1:    Seabird                                                                                   159                 
Narenta # 2:    Earthbow                                                                                162
Narenta # 3:    The Gryphon & the Basilisk    (forthcoming)                           166
Narenta # 1.5:    Marooned  (forthcoming)                                                     173

How I Write                                                                                                    175
                      A Smidge of Plot. A Glob of Character
                      Khiva the Stoah (“stow-hah”)  from Earthbow; G and B         176
                                Bert-and-Marsha-from-Hoboken  (Marooned)                   176

The End, "elegantly adorned"                                                                          178