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tree, halfmoon, branches



random records of scattered thoughts

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Dragon Warning! (from a writerly writer)
DE Book Festival
This just suddenly appeared--not unlike a Pern dragon returning from Between

Dragons Unstoppable

Come see my author board, "Ima Writerly Writer Who Writes" at Pinterest!
Below are a few of my captions.
They make more sense when you see the pictures, at the link waaaay below.

Seabird Necklace

Poetry art: original poem on found image "woman reading"
Cats, commas and claws
A marvellously detailed B&W portrait by Lukas Holas. Isn’t this amazing? Aside from photographers with telephoto lens who ever gets close enough to a bird of prey to see such detail?
Well, people in fantasy tales do...
Never wrong a writer. Remember, we know your name--and we know how to use it.
A friend found the matching shirt for me at a fantasy/SF con several years ago. We've known each other since just a few years after I began to write. The shirt "encapulates my personality". Her shirt would require bunnies.
Being an author can be murder.
1st lines of a micro-story:  "We straggle to a stop within the last sheltering trees & study the cliffside blocking our way. The slanted crease we thought a passageway is... "
Ooh. This needs to be glued to my forehead....
"Book Living" Great furniture. First rate companions. Speaking of companions, I found three definite vignettes is the painting. Possibly two more...
"Open book", by Plum leaves.  Those are truly magic words!
1st lines of a ponder about a picture:  "Evocative painting! See the broken stone arch? Who built it?  Why build it in the midst..."