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random records of scattered thoughts

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Ocean City NJ: Cafe Beach Club
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When my family began vacationing in Ocean City, NJ we used to stay at the Impala Motel on 10th. It's now the Impala Island, I suppose just in case any visitors thought they were on safari rather than at the shore.

Stingray Motel (our usual place in 70s 80s)

The Stingray Motel
Later my grandmother and I stayed at the Stingray, most frequently in June when it was easier for me to get permission to take my vacation. It was also easier to get wet during our annual visits, since OCNJ weather in June is often "unsettled". One vacation week, I believe it rained every day. We kept ourselves occupied.  :-D  Just being in Ocean City was the point.
(stuph re The Beach Club and its Cafe below)

It's been a very long time since I've visited OCNJ, as regular readers already know.
Since my most recent visit, the Stingray morphed into the Beach Club. I hope the new owners have kept the "Stingray tradition" (?). Whatever that was...
... Oh, I know! Being a motel. Being on the boardwalk. Being in the "correct" Ocean City aka the one on the N Jersey shore.
Yup, that pretty much covers it.  ;-D

Beach Club office entrance at night A

The Beach Club entrance next to their parking lot.
If you walked up the street on the right, you would end up on the boardwalk.
The Cafe Beach Club is a bit upscale though I guess not for a resort town.Actually the various Cafe Beach Club menu contents must total several 1000 words. This is not quite as impressive as it seems since there's a lot of mix-and-match involved. As in you can get any of these half dozen seafood entrees prepared in any of these six ways. Ditto, meat entrees. When each is described in detail, it eats up lots of words. Please forgive the pun.

The last line on each page of their online menu says
"Full Menu Available for Take Out"
The entire menu? Good idea for our next island-wide shindig!!!

July 31 2014: An update describing my Ocean city New Jersey vacation is long overdue. Sorry about that! There were extenuating circumstances--largely medical issues & "lifestyle" issues keeping me busy for over a month. I WILL post a post-OCNJ vacation up date RSN! Much of the update will be photos.

This entire blog entry is dedicated to Demaris, as old old work friend & occasional con-going fellow traveller! This will be Demaris' first time in Ocean City, New Jersey.

Beach Club pool