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random records of scattered thoughts

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Tree House Tales' Table of Contents
Oak Leaf

Tree House Tales cover-life size

For a larger image of the cover and a mock-up of the title page, go to http://tree-lady.livejournal.com/112470.html

Tree House Tales;
A Collection of short stories, artwork, nostalgia, nonsense, essays, poems & extracts from my novels

I’ve been working on a new book project titled, “TREE HOUSE TALES” which is nearing completion. As long as we don't define "nearing" or "completion". I still need to revise several entries & tweak some of the art.

THT contains samples from my work created over the past thirty-five years. The table of contents is in flux. I hope the current version will provide hints about the nature of my collection. And so here it is.


ORIGINAL ARTWORK Thumbnail images will appear throughout, each with a special link to my original artwork.

A Sailor’s Tale; Sisyphus; Circles; Street Chalk (a flash of horror); Luckiest Hunter Ever (story outline, with story-telling suggestions); Daisy & the Paper-Mice; The Windowed Door (a prose-poem); The Dragon’s Tail Tale; No Substitutions (flash fantasy); Winter’s Season; The Queen of the Tor Shee (poem); The Pumpkin Smasher; Gajit’s Research Expedition; The Last Quest; Dingle (a finish-the-story challenge).

Preteens, Horses and Aliens; Fandom 101; Sherry’s Cake is Hit at Coffee Hour! Film at 11!; Between Worlds (a poem about Ocean City, NJ); A Lesson in Mid-Atlantic Meteorology, Public Readings for the Naive & Fearless; Confessions (writing errors); Tis the Season to Be Typing; Beginnings and Endings and Dingles! Oh, My!; Developing Characters; NAF Blog guest entry; Libraries I Have Known and Loved; Surviving Hazel.

Catzis (with cat illustrations); Squirrelsiz; Crabsiz; Khiva’s Story; “Don’t Blame Me” (filk lyrics as written by a cat); Me-Ow! aka My Turn to Post!; Never Wager More Bunnies Than You Own; The Smashed Faerie Song Cycle.

Introduction to Dreaming; Dream With Joey; A Micro Dream; A Dream With Bowling; Hexa-Lyrica; A Dream With KB & Then Without Her; Diving for Treasure.

(including samples from each of three unpublished Narenta novels)
“Seabird, Narenta # 1”; “Earthbow, Narenta # 2”; “The Gryphon & the Basilisk”, Narenta # 3; “Marooned”, Narenta # 1.5(?); "Da Boid, Da Tree-Rat 'N' Da Loser", Narenta # -1.

I may possibly insert a Narenta novel extract between each of the sections listed here. If I place them all at the end--as originally planned, prospective readers may stop when they finish the stories and come face to face with novel extracts. On the other hand, s/h/e/ w/o/r/e/ /a/ /g/l/o/v/e, I suppose it's entirely possible the readers--responding to the alternate arrangement--will jump past each sample to get to the next mini-collection of stories. Thoughts?

Postlogue: "The Hound, the Lamp Post, and the Seabird"

Appendix: Author notes for “Between Worlds”; anything else that insists it belongs here.

Length: 65,000 - 70,000 words

A minimum of 25 thumbnails of my art. Each of these will have a link to a copy of the original.

(details still to be worked out)

Again, if you have any idea at all, please post them here, or email me. Many Thanks and Blessings!