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My Several Days of Christmas
Christmas Tree
I hope that you had a cheerful and meaningful Christmas day yesterday.

I had a delightful Sunday-before-Christmas, followed by a particularly nice Christmas Eve which included Candlelight Service at my church, St Philips Lutheran, followed by a late Christmas Eve Special itle "One Christmas Story: People Rich in Spirit"  on location in Reading, PA, on CBS. All segments of the special may be found a .
(I didn't get to bed until 3AM, which may explain why I didn't see Santa Claus.)


Yesterday, Christmas Day, began well at 10 AM., at which point first still in bed and then after getting up I thanked God for His Love bestowed on us from the beginning and then again in the human form of His Son. Following that, were heartfelt thanks for dear friends both here in Delaware and other friends I know entirely via your emails, list posts, an occasional greeting card or via your books and stories. After that, came small but significant "events" or bits of "news" which have popped up over the last couple of weeks: especially an unexpected offer of help & the sudden appearance of something I thought lost.

However by 1PM I was feeling vaguely "icky". I watched one of the continuous reruns of "A Christmas Story" on TBS intent on doing at least that before they stopped their annual 24 hour marathon. However, I decided that at wasn't in the right place mentally or physically to watch my usual Christmas DVDs--beginning as always with the definitive Alistair Sim version of "A Christmas Carol", being fairly certain that I would have to stop watching part way through any DVD that I started. (I suspected the same impending fate with holiday music.)

I had already chosen not to put up my artificial 4 foot Christmas tree, due to a lack of room and the fact that either Khiva or Vartha burrowed into the container, extracted a clear piece of tinsel, swallowed it and then disposed of it in  less festive format. I did place a bunch of very realisti eucalyptus ranches in a vase near the door, and set up a 15 inch tree I don't remember buying on the cabinet that visitors would face when coming into the apartment.

angel 03C

I gave my two cats, Khiva and Vartha, their Christmas dinner:  1.very fancy canned cat food,  2.  part of a tiny carton of "cat milk", and 3.  a tiny dish of Pounce treats for dessert. Khiva ate the entire dish of canned cat food. Vartha went through about a third of the treats before calling it quits. Both ignored the "milk".I wasn't up to re-heating the store rotisseried chicken which I'd optimistically taken from the freezer and had allowed to thaw, much less any "fixings", so I chose to put off their prep and consumption until today. Fortunately, I still had the "broccoli with garlic" filled container from a local Chinese take-out to nibble on. I love that stuff! Wish I knew exactly how their cook seasons the sauce.

I see you out there

I spent the rest of Christmas Day trying to catch up & finish my annual Advent reading of Norah Lofts' "How Far to Bethlehem" (still not completed), sipping iced tea, patting cats, responding to the first couple of several Christmas e-Greetings, trying on a nap for size, remaking my bed with a new blanket, and looking for cheery Christmas articles/videos in the online news. Oh, yes! Also reciting virtually every line and lyric of Seuss's "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" during an unsuspected showing of the original

I went to bed very early an with some relief, vowing to try celebrating my Christmas Day all over again when I got up this morning.
(Dreams involving trying to walk from one side of Newark, DE, where I lived and worked for over three decades, to my home on the other side of town, via a maze of downtown construction and new stores I'd never seen before, newspaper reporters wanting to interview me (?), and people who may have been temporally and geographically displaced Soviet spies (!).

So here I am, arising even later today and still only half way through my morning caffeine, juice and meds. Cats needing patting, needing laps to sit on, needing sniffing of whatever I have in my hands, etc, has slowed me down some but in a good way. ^_^   ^_^  :-D And so begins my Christmas Take Two--not unlike the hobbits of Tolkien with their customary "second breakfast".

I'm frankly, very glad that the Newark Senior Center groups chose not to meet today. For one thing, I would have needed to be up at 5:30AM, If I'd gotten up then for Paratransit, I probably would have missed those Soviet agents searching for me inside a construction site at the corner of Academy Street & Delaware Avenue. (It was okay--traffic was getting through fine both ways, thanks to the canal boats guided by wooden rails on the water surface.)

This time, I think I'll get my celebration of Christmas Day right! Just a couple more meds, a few links to be embedded, not eaten--I'll heat up a Panera cranberry-walnut bagel instead a very important thank you note with some catching up to a dear friend mailing messages to you guys that this post is here, and then back to my yearly routine.

Merry Christmas, where appropriate! And Happy Holidays or whatever you prefer to everyone else!  But everyone gets...
< Christmassy Hugs! >

And now for something completely different!FlashMobs

Christmas Food Court Flash Mob, Hallelujah Chorus

by AlphabetPhotography•

Christmas Flash Mob by Journey of Faith at South Bay Galleria

Carlson School of Management Flash Mob, Deck the Halls

by UniversityofMinn•

Flash Mob Choir: A special Northern Ireland welcome Published on Dec 20, 2012

Watch the full story of the family and hear what they thought of their welcome home here

Christmas Goat Flash Mob!
What Christmas would be complete without this one!!!

Possibly more comments later!


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