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UnCONventional anthology update

I've found out a bit more about the anthology to which I am a contributor, "UnCONventional". As I wrote earlier, it is coming out in January 2012. Below, you'll find the newly available list of contributors and the titles of their stories, gleaned from the Goodreads site. Thanks to chats via email with the other authors, I've discovered that most of the stories are humorous. I go against the trend with "Shadow Harper", which is based on folk legend and is fairly serious.

I just checked Amazon. The book hasn't appeared yet for pre-order but I'll tell you when it's listed.
Here's the contributor list and updated information. 


UnCONventional Contributors & Story Titles

AUTHOR             TITLE    
LJ Berger           Event at MilHiCOn            
Vikki Ciaffone     Belief    
Dan Cohen        The Ascension      
Gordon Dupuis     A Comic Tragedy            
Dr. Anthony G. Francis, Jr.     Steampunk Fairy Chick          
Justine Graykin     The Next Con    
Randy O. Green     AlGorethm    
Melina Gunnett     Myrtle            
Kate Kaynak      BEAST IN SHOW    
Danielle M. LeFevre      THE SIRENS    
Kimberley Long-Ewing     M.U.S.E.    
Lauren Marrero     The Waltz            
Will Morton        What We Found in Our Room           
LS Murphy        Firestorm    
Ira Nayman      Escalation is Academic          
KT Pinto           Rejecting Your Reality    
Jennifer Allis Provost     All In    
Patricia Puckett     Monsters walk in           
Keshia Swaim     Family Ties    
Sherry Thompson     Shadow Harper    
Pamela van Hylckama Vlieg     Super Soaker            
Trish Wooldridge     Mermaids

Paperback, 300 pages
Expected publication: January 2012 by Spencer Hill Press
ISBN  9781937053
publisher url
Goodreads url



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