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918k is pretty damn impressive! Good deal on sticking to it. :-)

re: Good deal on sticking to it.

Good advice for all authors. :-)

Someone sent me a true anecdote about five years ago. I couldn't find the file so I jotted down what I remembered as the gist of the story. A 50-60 year old recent widow had been feeling at loose ends. Her children were raised and she had mentioned several times to the one daughter who lived close by that she felt it was too late to begin studying for a new career or to learn the complex skills of an artisan's craft.

Her daughter responded each time with variants of let's spend the day together, get out, have lunch, go for a ride, maybe even shop. She kept putting off the invitation.
Finally, her daughter called up one Sunday & said this is it. We're going for a ride and then have dinner. I'll be at your place in a half hour.

The daughter picked her up as promised, but after a few minutes on a road she recognized, she turned off to a two lane road she had never been on before. She asked where they were going. The daughter said, I just want to show you something.

A while later, yellows, golds, and whites, and creams covered all of the hills up ahead. As they drew closer the older woman realized she was looking at acres of daffodils. She asked her daughter if it was a commercial farm.

The daughter laughed. No, it's private property. A woman began planting these years ago. Each year, she plants as many more as she can.

They got out of the car so the daughter could show her a sign:

Five acres.
50,000 bulbs.
One bulb at a time.
One woman with two hands and very little brain.

The Daffodil Principle --> one bulb at a time.

"How many flowers would you see if she had never started?"


I do have a photo of a tiny portion of the daffodils as part of my screensaver. :-)

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