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I have that copy of The Tolkien Reader. Picked it up at a yard sale years & years ago. It's a fun read every now and then. Plus all those nerdy extras, like Book of Lost Tales, Lays of Beleriand, etc. I love the meter he uses for a lot of those. Oh, and I have most of the Special Silver Jubilee Edition because I love the covers. But I haven't been able to find all the books so my set is incomplete. That's really interesting about Ace & the loophole.

Kat Vinson =^_^=

Boy, I remember those gorgeous Ballantine editions they had a full set at my old school!

And once I saw a hardcover edition, black covers with only the lidless eye of Sauron on them and these big, gorgeous, hand-drawn maps in the back. Got them for $5 each and then sold them for about $50 or so due to sheer desperation. (Lost most of my Arkham House books the same year.)

Thanks for posting that cover art!

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