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Either In a Door or Out

When I was young, I read all the time. I don't think I ever had much success reading outdoors, though. Indoors always seemed so much more comfortable, so you would find me reclined in any and every position on a sofa reading and reading. I think back on those days almost with a sort of envy... I wish I could so structure my time as to read a lot more today! Thanks for sharing the poem!


Re: Either In a Door or Out

Hi, Brandon!
Thanks for telling us what it was like for you!

I so get it, not so much about reading outside being a bit of a challenge but about that kind of envy for those days! I've always been a slow reader but, somehow back then, I read a huge amount of books.

"Too many books, Too little time."

We may get another chance. In response to the question "Will there be books in Heaven?" C S Lewis wrote,
"Yes. But only the books we've given or lent." ;-D

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