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Cupla Updates, updated
UnCONventional, Spenser Hill Press
Cupla Updates' original posting was on: Sep. 27th, 2011 at 3:17 PM

Trish Wooldridge (Spencer Hill Press) sent her revision suggestions for "Shadow Harper" over a week ago. It took me until the day before yesterday to respond to them. I liked most of which she suggested and we've hammered out compromises for the rest so I think we're nearly finished. I do need to respond to the email she sent an hour or so ago but that should be a snap. Next up is the galleys and the deadline for the anthology "UnCONventional" to go to press. Or maybe something else first. What do I know? Reminder: "UnCONventional" comes out in January and can be pre-ordered.

Well, that’s old news, as in Sept 2011!  Below is my March 2013 update re the Amazon listings for UnCONventional---

Twenty-Two Tales of Paranormal Gatherings Under the Guise of Conventions

Editors: Trisha J. Wooldridge and Kate Kaynak.
Contributors: LJ Berger, Vikki Ciaffone, Daniel Cohen, Gordon Dupuis, Anthony G. Francis, Jr., Justine Graykin, Randy O. Green, Melina Gunnett, Kate Kaynak, Danielle M. LeFevre, Kimberley Long-Ewing, Lauren Marrero, Will Morton, LS Murphy, Ira Nayman, KT Pinto, Jennifer Allis Provost, Patricia Puckett, Keshia Swaim, Sherry Thompson, Pamela van Hylckama Vlieg, and Trisha Wooldridge.
paperback:         *
kindle edition:

Both Trish and Kate proved great to work with. Both of them know their onions and also have a sense of humor. I'm not quite sure what I expected but I'm relieved with what I got. :)

SECOND (out of date) UPDATE
I am still cleaning out apartment detritus. The youth from St Philips Lutheran Church turned up Sunday afternoon to take everything I had collected down to the dumpsters. They were cheerful and efficient, managing to remove in one swell foop everything that Brandon & I had squeezed into the hallway earlier after church. I fed them candy and had bottled water on hand.

I'm working on the next bunch of stuff. I just bagged up three dead dead dead plant pots and sorted more clothing which needs to go to Goodwill. Now I'm back to paper and magazine type stuff.

Before Brandon had a chance to leave, a lady named Debra introduced herself to him, saying that she was a neighbor. She lives in one of the townhouses adjacent to the apartment complex. She told Brandon she had noticed his comings and goings, picking me up and dropping me off and wondered if he was my brother. (I'm nearly three times Brandon's age. ;-P )

He brought her upstairs so that she could introduce herself to me. A strange mostly one-sided conversation followed, lasting over half an hour.  Without getting into details, Debra recounted several pretty macabre incidents, some of them triggered by an old book on childrearing which advised  parents not to "spoil the rod". She also described how and why a boy had been killed by a train when she was child.

Aside from that, Debra mentioned something about a group of maybe 30 tenants getting together. I'm not sure if she were offering information or hoping that I knew more. Well, I didn't know anything about it. What was actually going on? I wasn't sure what Debra meant. (Maybe Brandon remembers  it better than I do.) Did they sign a petition? Did they go together to the rental office? Debra said something about people going to court, which I find fairly unlikely even though as a group we have a variety of grievances. Maybe she got the information or part of it from Lou, downstairs. Tis a puzzlement. Or possible all an illusion.

Brandon went to a concert last night, so Jan led the Bible study group, or as I should say, "facilitated". Teri and Pam from the group drove me to and fro respectively. On the way home, Pam and I discussed the situation here. She asked why I didn't just ask the people in the office if and when the apartment was going to close down. I told her that I didn't think I'd get a straight answer so I hadn't tried.

Last night, the construction on Greenbank Road was even noisier than usual--or maybe it was me. I woke up three or four times because of it. Then I woke up again around seven (very early for me) with a headache. After taking ibuporfen & a Melatonin, I managed to fall back to sleep for maybe an hour. When I woke up again, the headache was gone, thank God.

Around lunchtime today, Larry the apartment repairman stopped by to paint the living room ceiling and to spackle the bathroom ceiling in preparation for painting it. (These were matters the building inspector had pointed out as violations in late August & that the rental office said they would do the week of the 16th through 20th.

I mentioned that the washer had blown the circuit breaker the last time I used it to Larry, but I'm sure I'll have to call that in to get Larry working on it. Standard apartment protocol.

Before he left, I remembered Pam's suggestion. Could I pry something out of Larry which the people in the rental office might be reluctant to share?

I led by saying that I knew only four tenants were left in this building and then asked when the complex was closing down. Larry answered, "Where did you hear it's closing down?" I said I hadn't heard but that it seemed a good theory given the lack of tenants.
I wasn't about to get into what Lou has told me over the last month. With Lou, I'm never sure what's fact and what's speculation. Or maybe wishful thinking.

Anyway, Larry answered that we would have more tenants when more people came and applied for residence. That's not much of an answer, given that the rental office answering message has changed. It used to say "if you're interested in a one or two bedroom apartment, call during business hours".

That line was dropped at least a couple of weeks ago and was replaced by the apt fax number. In the meantime, the through road past the complex is still blocked just beyond us so the only people who drive down here are complex residents. Given that the road past us is not a through street for now, no one has been able to go past the complex itself for months, seen it, and then decided to learn more about it.

And that's about it. Back to weeding through stuff and bagging it up. And waiting for news from anybody, God willing something positive.

Update: God was willing. I moved on February 23 2012. BTW, the complex from which I "escaped" is still open & appears no different than when I fled it. (Lou moved out before I did.)

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