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DarkoverCon & OSM - November 23-25 2007
me, SherryT
previously titled
DarkoverCon and OSM r/e/u/n/i/o/n Meeting - Nov 23-25

Email exchange with J, Sunday night:

Awake just briefly.

>Hey, Sherry Are you back yet?

Yup. I think so.

>Was Darkover just totally WONDERFUL?

Yes, it was great and would have been even better if I had been twins.


>Sorry for all the eager questions. You probably just want to sleep

You got that right!

>Sweet dreams. Write me when you wake up.

I'll write again and give my general impressions. Attached is a cut-and-paste quick glance at the activities I got to or just missed in some cases. Talk to you soon!



My Darkover Schedule Nov 23-25

Checked in and registered. Pat officially introduced me to Katherine. I did a minimal unpacking and brought down flyers for Seabird, Broad Universe, Racheline's Harry Potter trivia book, and Gryphonwood Press. (Racheline's disappeared like they'd been parked next to a black hole.)

1:00 PM - Setting the Wards (RITE1001) - All welcome. Setting a space of sanctuary for the weekend's work in energy, knowledge, and transformation. Mandala from last year will be present for continued decoration.

3:00 PM - What I need to write. Every writer has a magic something they need to help write. A cup of tea, special music, etc. These writers talk about what they need to get motivated.
C. S. Friedman, Katherine Kurtz, Scott MacMillan, Alanna Morland. Heather Rose Jones, Moderator

4:00 PM - Flying Cats and Talking Dogs. Creating believable animals in Fantasy and Science Fiction.
C. S. Friedman, Esther Friesner, Heather Rose Jones, Tamora Pierce. Nancy Berman, Moderator

6:00 -8? Dinner with fellow OSM members at Nautilus Diner. FUN! YUM! FUN! (Have met approximately 7 OSM members by this point.)

6:00 PM - Yes, but is it funny? Humor and Science Fiction. - Esther Friesner, James Macdonald, Tim Liebe, Don Sakers. Carl Cipra, Moderator        MISSED BECAUSE AT DINNER

7:00 PM - Unmasking the Villain.  OR ELSE  7:00 PM - Shamanic Journey Work  MISSED BECAUSE OF DINNER

8:00 PM - Shamanic Drumming (SHMN1002) (Rik Fire) This will be a free-flow circle of sound. Bring drums, ratlles, other instruments, voices, bodies, etc. In this sacred container, we will connect with the rhythm within ourselves & our individual heartbeats; as well as the musical vibration of each other and the circle of community. Come join the circle and use the space to connect, relax, and trance. No experience necessary. There will be instruments to share.

9PM-10PM - Sacred Harp Singing --- AAARGH! MISSED IT!  I don't know how this happened!

10:00 PM - Homespun Ceilidh Band


10:00 AM - 10 easy herbs to use in your writing. Jennifer Heise

11:00 AM - Breadcrumbs & Red Herrings  Breaking the "show, don't tell" rule robs the reader of the satisfaction of Figuring It Out on their own. On the other hand, if the puzzle is too esoteric, the reader might never understand what's going on. Is there a happy medium? Debra Doyle, James MacDonald, Scott MacMillan, Don Sakers. Jack Frost, Moderator

12:00 Noon - One Hour a Day. Helpful hints about how to get your ideas from concept to manuscript. Nancy Berman, C.S. Friedman, Katherine Kurtz, James MacDonald. Carl Cipra, moderator

2:00-3:20 --- Order of St Michael Chapter General Meeting
(Have met approximately 15 OSM members by this point. Names and faces are beginning to slide apart and then fuse together in unlikely pairings.)

3:00 PM - Book binding. Petra. Make your own blank book. Two methods, simple & complex. Bring your own material or use ours. Class limit 15.

(This is a skill I've been wanting to acquire for years now! I caught the last part of the workshop after my meeting so I didn't finish my book but I brought it home with me and should be able to complete it in a few minutes. First, I need to buy a glue stick! I'll get email instructions from Petra for the more complex second book. I think I have a handle on how to do it.)

3PM-4PM - Instrumental Jam - led by Bob Esty --- AAARGH! MISSED IT!  (bookbinding on great music? bookbinding or great music? book...)

4PM-5PM - John Huff (a member of Clam Chowder)--- SMILE. GOT TO THIS.

6:30-8:30 -- OSM DINNER AT CHARRED RIB  FUN! YUM! FUN! (Some unlikely pairings of names and faces resolve themselves and become distinct memories. Other names and faces--from the far end of the very long table--blur.)

9:00 - 11 PM - CLAM CHOWDER CONCERT (As the Darkover Program says, Don't even think there is programming)  I attended my first Clam Chowder concert back in the early 1980's. I own virtually all their recordings.
(Clam Chowder on FB)

12:00 MIDNIGHT - HALLELUJAH CHORUS - POOLSIDE, (DarkoverCon had Sacred Harp singing & everyone doing the Hallelujah Chorus together by the pool since long before flash mobs). We even "got lost in it" once, i.e. the Handel chorus--not the pool. (We didn't have our music & got caught in a loop.)

Followed by

CHRISTMAS CAROLS WITH FILTHY PIERRE LEADING ON KEYBOARD (Music Room) (I'm always ready for Christmas Carols!) 


9:00 AM - Michaeline Mass - Open Christian Mass for the community sponsored and run by the Order of St. Michael. Lovely!  ALSO SAID KADDISH
10:00 AM - Role Models for Fantasy and Science Fiction readers.
                   MISSED, partially because I was involved in a long conversation about cats. Sorry, but cats
                           trump role models.)

11:00 AM - Editing a "theme" anthology. Esther Friesner, Katherine Kurtz, Tamora Pierce, Don Sakers. Carl Cipra, Moderator

12:00 Noon - Knit one, purl two. How authors relax when not writing.  Debra Doyle, C.S. Friedman, Esther Friesner, Katherine Kurtz, James MacDonald, Tamora Pierce. Nancy Berman, moderator

1:00 PM - ART AUCTION -- Not enough money to even consider the auction.

I did the Vendors instead.
I bought a lovely sterling Jerusalem Cross, inlaid with artificially created/altered turquoise fire opal. I wore it the rest of the day on a chain I had with me but I need to buy a thicker one especially for it. What a shame that Silver Works seems to be going out of business.

2:00-3:00 Ate lunch and generally crashed until the cab to the train station arrived.

(Through the whole con, I stopped and talked with fellow OSM members, fellow filkers and others in the hallways, etc. Of course! At some point, Hannah finagled a flawed copy of Seabird from me. Between her and John Wright at Philcon, I'm braced for embarrassment.)


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