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Lovely post, Sherry. And glad you were able to find thankfulness! I'm sorry you didn't have company on Thanksgiving day. I spent that day at home tending a sick daughter while the rest of the family met at my husband's uncle's house. I was actually rather grateful for the quiet :).

And yes, I think the cat/dog and warm-fur-loving human thing is more than coincidence.

And I don't think God is as worried about propriety as we are when it comes to prayers. I think what is important to Him is the fact that we are coming to Him, period. So go ahead start with "Help" because that shows Him you know the Place to go for help is Him, it shows your trust in Him and ultimately that is what He wants.

Prayers for you, and cyber hugs! Thank you for being willing to share your life on here and letting us, even from this far distance, get to know you just a bit. :)

Very Nice

Sherry, also very sorry that we weren't able to provide company on Thanksgiving, but like Kat, very glad you found things to be thankful for the next morning!

It was very meaningful for me to read Given all of His blessings, not least of which is having been created by Him because He wanted to and then always being loved by Him even when I mess up... That is a mindset I struggle to find, often get caught up instead in the quicksand thoughts that say I mess up too much. I often forget to thank Him simply for creating me and those I love (and those I don't?).

We'll have to talk more about the dream sometime, if you like. And the deer! Was very glad to see that part of the post; deer are a beautiful sight to see, as are all of God's creatures.

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