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"Allo! Wot's happenin' then?"
Actually not that much.

It's been raining like crazy of course. I've been out on the balcony twice and out the front & back doors of the building once each in the last two hours. I've learned that:

Leaning over the balcony railing to look down will get the back of my head soaked from the water dripping of the metal awning;

The balcony floor is only wet on its outside half. As I found when I walked out to the front door's covered landing, that would be because the wind is driving the rain toward the side/front of my building. My apartment is in the back. Just one bedroom  window faces toward the wind for now.

The culvert is full nearly to its bank with frothing and swirling water as expected. Thank God, it does flow toward the bridge & highway--which of course it should. Even so, the culvert's bank is brimful at the section running past my bedroom, the part farthest away from the highway. Back there, it's more like 10 yards (?) away.

Speaking of highways, Limestone Road has traffic on it. Didn't these folks hear about Gov Markell's 2nd Stage Emergency Regs? Only emergency and maintenance vehicles are supposed to be out. Maybe they need to have a higher fine. I think it's just $150(?). I wouldn't risk getting caught but obviously there's some who would.

No mail. Hardly a surprise.

Earlier I saw three neighbors in storm gear coming back from "doing reconnaissance" either in the direction of Limestone Rd's small bridge or more likely into the woods along my side of the complex. If anyone has been out walking dogs, and I'm sure they have, the dogs have been quiet. Just getting the job done & getting back inside fast. (So glad cats don't need walking!)

Karen, I so hope you didn't need to go in to work today! You too, Brandon. And everyone else of course! Be safe, all!

I know that KB is off, regardless. I'm wondering about the sheep at Greenbank Mill & Phelps Farm Museum. If they were left outside lest they drown in the lower level of the barn, the traditional wooden fence hurdles are probably partially down by now and the sheep who knows where.

Inside here, the cats have been asleep for hours. This is after Khiva woke me up earlier than I wanted, in order to cadge a lengthy patting session. She's ensconced in her small cat bed in the hallway, carefully positioned over the warm area (where, maybe, the hot water pipe runs under the floor from the water heater toward the bathroom & powder room). Vartha found a half-filled box sitting high up inside the study closet and is sound asleep there. Though the two can't see each other in their locations, they're actually just a couple of yards apart.

I cooked chicken with small red & yellow bell pepper dish less than an hour ago. I used Italian seasonings & topped it with a mixture of tomato paste & Campbell's mushroom with garlic soup. Haven't even tasted it. My stomach is bouncing a bit. Not an anxiety attack. Just nerves, but unpleasant. Even so, I think I'm going to take a tiny piece of my anti-anxiety meds when I finish this.

Let's see. What else...  Oh, ComCast aka Xfinity cable robo-called me a couple of hours ago mostly to state the obvious but partially to reassure us. Someone on TV or at the Weather Station site advised people to unplug most appliances & other high energy-users when the power goes off, to help prevent a power surge when the power comes back on. It makes sense I suppose, but I've never heard that advice or done anything like that when the power went off in a thunder storm. Naturally, the desktop is plugged into a surge-suppressor power strip. I don't think anything else is though, not even the laptop. Still, I may unplug my scanner since it's currently refusing to talk to the desktop anyway. And the three remote storage devices.

The TV is still working. Ever since I moved away from home, I always leave the TV on with the sound off 24/7 for the illusion of not being alone. After I take my meds, I may turn up the sound for a while & catch the latest news. Don't want to watch while this anxious.

Actually, the sights & sounds through the balcony door pretty much says it all. Later when it gets dark, updates via computer & TV will be more important.

Bible Study was canceled for tonight of course. Teri kindly emailed me about that.  I didn't finish the lesson but I'll probably work on it in a little while. I have a "shiny new" Bible purchased at a huge discount from (?) which arrived here less than a week ago. I still love-love-love my C S Lewis Bible, but this one (Ryrie NIV Study Bible) has footnotes on its footnotes & some pretty fair maps. Each Bible has a place now--physically here near the computer and spiritually in my life. Between them they fit all my needs. Anyone need a used Bible? I've only got a dozen.

Oh. The cats are awake! I think they heard me typing about them. ;) Vartha is on "the special flat place", and I'm on massage duty.

Leaving you with a nice non-storm-related pic, courtesy of  Stephen Ministry's Jean's roses & Karen Zinnato's camera.
(I still haven't uploaded a camera app to my new phone. Frankly, not sure how.)


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