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My thoughts are with you

Sherry, this is Rick Copple.

Along with you, my wife's brother and family live in Maryland, close to DC, and are in the path of this storm. Sounds like you are taking the needed precautions. Be assured, I'm praying for you, them, and the many other people who will be affected by this storm. Take care. And check in when you're able.

Good morning Sherry;

We get so wound up with "our" hurricanes and tornadoes down here that we seldom think that they can strike elsewhere. Praying for you this morning and hoping you don't wriggle your way out of God's protective right hand.

Bless Brandon and Karen for their thoughtfulness!

Stay safe and let us know how things are going as long as the Internet is working :-)


Prayers with you, Sherry! Glad to know you are prepared, and that you have awesome friends like Brandon and Karen to help you out. And that you have your sweet little furballs to keep you company:).

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